New CRFR briefing available to download

Strengthening mother-child relationships as part of domestic violence recovery – CRFR briefing 72 Although domestic violence is harmful, recoveries from abuse are possible. Recovery, for women and their children, is a key concern for practitioners working with victims/survivors. This briefing highlights findings from a PhD …read more

Commission on childcare reform seeks parents views

The Commission for Childcare Reform was established earlier this year to gather evidence and provide advice to the Childcare Alliance on how childcare provision in Scotland might be organised and funded. As part of the launch of #ChildcareChallengeScotland campaign which is a forum for on-going …read more

CRFR associate researcher Sarah Nelson’s comments published in the Independent today

Sarah Nelson was the adviser to the Scottish parliamentary inquiry into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in 2013 and is a researcher and writer on sexual abuse issues. Read Sarah’s comments on the Rotherham Child Abuse case published in the Independent today ‘Rotherham’s abused treated as …read more

CRFR welcomes Dr Angelique Jenney and Professor Ramona Alaggia from Toronto University

CRFR is delighted to welcome Dr Angelique Jenney and Professor Ramona Alaggia from Toronto to the centre today. Angelique will give an informal seminar on supporting mothers who have experienced violence. The visit will also allow for a meeting with Sarah Morton from CRFR who …read more

NEW ‘Evidence for Success’ guide available to download

guide front cover

This guide was produced by the Knowledge Translation Network (KTN), which was established in 2012 to facilitate and share learning about effective knowledge translation and dissemination activities. The guide offers easy to follow, step-by-step guidance and resources to support organisations to use evidence to influence …read more

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