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Parenting for a Digital Future; preparing for the unknown

Thursday 9 April 2019  – 1pm to 3pm LG11, David Hume Tower,  Edinburgh  EH8 9JX Sonia Livingstone London School of Economics and Political Science Parents have to imagine several decades into the future, for their children will grow up in a world not yet known, …read more

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International Conference – Intersectionality, Families and Relationships

The Centre for Research and Families and Relationships International Conference, Edinburgh, June 22nd – 24th 2020 The concept of ‘intersectionality’ can be traced to the activism of black feminists in the USA confronting the challenges of two exceptionally powerful and prevalent systems of oppression: race …read more

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Exploring Legacies of Injustice and Inequality; Enabling Just and Equal Futures, OLIRN event, University of Edinburgh

Monday 3 December 2018 Ongoing Legacies International Research Network (OLIRN) and Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR) are holding a conference on Monday 3 December 2018.   The OLIRN research network interrogates contemporary and future approaches to the ongoing impact of social injustice and inequalities …read more

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International early years scholar visiting CRFR

Dr Zhang Chun is visiting from Shenzhen city of Guangdong (Canton) Province, one of the most dynamic cities in the Southeast China near Hong Kong. She works at Normal College, Shenzhen University, and has been a Senior lecturer in the Preschool Education Department for  over 13 …read more

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CRFR and School of Social and Political Science

Wednesday 31 October 2018, 1-3pm David Hume Tower – Room LG11 The Centre for Research on Families and Relationships CRFR wants to maximise its role as a platform to showcases SSPS research and knowledge exchange work on families and relationships; become more firmly embedded within …read more

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Learning from Family Group Conferencing: Reimagining approaches and outcomes to child care and protection

Dr Mary Mitchell has undertaken research in collaboration with Children 1st and the Centre for Research on Family and Relationships at the University of Edinburgh asking about the contribution that FGC makes to longer- term outcomes for children at risk of being accommodated in Scotland …read more

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