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Accessibility to events held at CRFR

Please note that although the CRFR offices are situated at ground level, as with many of the older university buildings, there are 5 large steps leading up to the front door.


Upcoming events 
Date Type of event Title
31 Oct 2018 Seminar This seminar aims to maximise CRFR role as a platform to showcase SSPS research and knowledge exchange work on families and relationships; become more firmly embedded within the school and enable colleagues to have ‘ownership’.    More information can be found here.
2018 External research methods courses The NCRM holds research methods training courses throughout the year. More information can be found here.
2018 OLIRN Event Exploring Legacies of Injustice and Inequality; Enabling Just and Equal Futures, 6th Floor Staff Room, Chrystal MacMillan Building, 3rd and 4th December 2018.   Call for Papers
2018 Conference ESA/BSA Sociology of Emotions Conference, 27 to 30 August 2018.  More details


Recent events
Date Type of event Title
26 June 2018 CRFR Informal Seminar Preventative socialisation of gender-based violence
13 June 2018 CRFR Informal Seminar Relationship law, A child right perspective
29 May 2018 CRFR Informal Seminar How do children experience “home” when their parents separate?
15 May 2018 NCRM Training Course Making and Measuring Impact
1 May 2018 CRFR Informal Seminar The father’s digital pushchair: Three Taiwanese father bloggers
23 April 2018 Seminar  Implementing and Researching Safe and Together: lessons from Australia
6 March 2018 CRFR Informal Seminar  Healthy versus unhealthy family systems (cancelled)
20 February 2018 CRFR Informal Seminar  Can we put the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth to bed now?
24 January 2018 Digital Families Research Network:
Digital (and) Poverty: Access, Skills and Understanding
University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus
23 January 2018 CRFR informal seminar Family Networks
6 December 2017 Emotions Seminar Emotional labour in Nursing: Understanding the significance of feeling rules, deep acting and reflexivity in the development of professional identity in student nurses
29 November 2017 Joint seminar with Glasgow Human Rights Network & The Gender and Sexualities Forum, University of Glasgow Genocide and Global Queer Politics: Contesting the Meaning of Genocide in Relation to Uganda and The Gambia
28 November 2017 CRFR informal seminar The troubling concept of resilience
14 November 2017 The Leverhulme Trust Lecture, Dundee Young People’s Perceptions of Urban Violence in Brazil and Mexico
View the presentation
27 October 2017 The Leverhulme Trust Lecture, Perth Children and the city – methodologies for listening to children
View presentation part 1
View presentation part 2
5 October 2017 The Leverhulme Trust Lecture, Stirling Reflections on children’s rights in Brazil and South America
View the presentation
4 October 2017 The Leverhulme Trust Lecture, Edinburgh Young people´s human rights and well-being: the forms of resistance and children’s participation in South America
View the presentation
Children and young people in Brazil and Latin America – Basic facts
26 September 2017 CRFR Informal seminar Reproductive health on the margins: women who killed their newborn babies
13 September 2017 Informal seminar Linking family trajectories and personal networks in an international perspective
5 September 2017 Informal seminar School: the best place to create a healthy future?
8 August 2017 Informal seminar Meanings of non-suicidal self-injury: changing functions and challenging responses
15 June 2017 Informal seminar Professional proximity in identifying child sexual abuse in residential care: the closer the better
6 June 2017 Informal seminar Motivations and incentives for buying sex: contextualizing the demand for sex
31 May 2017 Emotions seminar Relationships: do they impact on professional assessment, recognition and response to child need?
11 May 2017 Training course Making and measuring impact
27 & 28 April 2017 CPD course Developing innovative research with children and young people
25 April 2017 Informal seminar The (in)visibility of Portuguese children in political priorities
21 April 2017 Conference Young People’s Transitions: Dimensions, Difficulties and Diversity
6 April 2017 Emotions seminar Techno nurses and empathetic machines: shifting relations in shaping good care
21 March 2017 Training workshop with Gerison Lansdown Children and young people’s participation: how do we know if it is making a difference?
20 March 2017 Seminar Immigrant child health in Washington DC: scenes from a Sanctuary City
15 March 2017 Emotions seminar Emotional care work in the ambulance service: the haunted mind
1 March 2017 Emotions seminar To be called by the suffering
22 February 2017 CRFR seminar Rethinking inequality and generational change
22 February 2017 CRFR seminar The prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Scottish children in the first eight years of life
10 February 2017 SUII seminar series Seminar 1: The UNCRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) in Law
8 February 2017 CRFR seminar “Maybe he’s caring”: responding to disabled women who experience domestic abuse
1 February 2017 CRFR seminar The moral economy of families: findings from a Danish study of parents and adult children
19 January 2017 CRFR seminar Games people play at work: emotions and emotional display in relations between co-workers
7 December 2016 Seminar series on
childhood sexual abuse
Seminar 2 – Community prevention of childhood sexual abuse: a model for practice
7 December 2016 Emotions seminar Wearing your heart under your sleeve? Self-injury,
bodies and emotions


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