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Accessibility to events held at CRFR

Please note that although the CRFR offices are situated at ground level, as with many of the older university buildings, there are 5 large steps leading up to the front door.


Upcoming events 
Date Type of event Title
 2016 CPD training material for participants Involving Children and Young People in Research and Consultation: CPD training participants password-protected login
 2016 CPD training material for participants Using creative methods in research with children and young people: CPD training participants password-protected login
2016 External research methods courses The NCRM holds research methods training courses throughout the year. More information can be found here
6 April 2017 Emotions seminar Techno nurses and empathetic machines: Shifting relations in shaping good care
21 April 2017 Conference Young People’s Transitions: Dimensions, Difficulties and Diversity
27 & 28 April 2017 New CPD course Developing innovative research with children and young people
11 May 2017 Training course Making and measuring impact
18 May 2017 Training course Making your message clear: writing and editing for non-academic audiences


Recent events
Date Type of event Title
21 March 2017 Training workshop with Gerison Lansdown Children and young people’s participation: How do we know if it is making a difference?
20 March 2017 Seminar Immigrant child health in Washington DC: scenes from a Sanctuary City
15 March 2017 Emotions seminar Emotional care work in the ambulance service: the haunted mind
1 March 2017 Emotions seminar To be called by the suffering
22 February 2017 CRFR seminar Rethinking inequality and generational change
22 February 2017 CRFR seminar The prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Scottish children in the first eight years of life
10 February 2017 SUII seminar series Seminar 1: The UNCRC (UN Convention on the Rights of the Child) in Law
8 February 2017 CRFR seminar “Maybe he’s caring”: responding to disabled women who experience domestic abuse
1 February 2017 CRFR seminar The moral economy of families: findings from a Danish study of parents and adult children
19 January 2017 CRFR seminar Games people play at work: emotions and emotional display in relations between co-workers
7 December 2016 Seminar series on
childhood sexual abuse
Seminar 2 – Community prevention of childhood sexual abuse: a model for practice
7 December 2016 Emotions seminar Wearing your heart under your sleeve? Self-injury,
bodies and emotions
16 November 2016 Film launch Women’s Whispers. A short film which challenges the way in which intro-Christian sectarianism has been seen as a masculine phenomenon in Scotland
16 November 2016 Seminar series on
childhood sexual abuse
Seminar 1 – Understanding barriers to disclosure of sexual abuse: creating child-centred approaches
15 November 2016 CRFR seminar Power, silence and agency: the educational experiences of Gypsy/Traveller girls in Scotland
9 November 2016 Launch event Exploring the impact of digital technologies on families: Launch of a Digital Families Research Network
3 November 2016 CRFR seminar Where have all the young people gone? Generations, family and work in Italy
12 October 2016 CRFR seminar Children’s transnational displacement producing new global orders: An analysis of mobility between the Global South to the Global North
5 October 2016 CRFR seminar (Re)searching for equality in working life: The WeAll-project
22 September 2016 Workshop Make resilience matter for children exposed to domestic abuse: applying resilience concepts to practice
14 September 2016 NCRM training Making and Measuring Impact
4 August 2016 CRFR seminar Supporting sustainable implementation of research evidence in child and family services: Strategies to improve outcomes
13-15 June 2016 Conference CRFR 5th International Conference: Unequal Families and Relationships
7 June 2016 Symposium Mental health and reflexivity:
The role of personal experiences of mental ill-health in medical sociological research
25 May 2016 Emotions seminar Emotional care work in the ambulance service: the haunted mind
17 May 2016 CRFR seminar The challenges of work-related travel and movement for families and personal relationships
3 May 2016 CRFR seminar What is youth-inclusive research?
Key issues in working with youth as subjects and researchers
28 & 29 April 2016 CPD course Using Creative Methods with Children and Young People
27 April 2016 CRFR seminar at the University of Dundee Dislocation of young people in urban contexts: reflections based on the Brazilian experience
27 April 2016 Emotions seminar The performance of care: emotion work, selfhood and acting
13 April 2016 Seminar 3rd seminar in the ‘Digital Families Across the Lifecourse’ series: Digital technologies, older age and caring
11 April 2016 Seminar Organizational interpretations of the Lactation at Work Law: how health concerns replace managerial goals
22 March 2016 CRFR seminar Absence of holistic sexual health understandings and experiences among men and women in deprived areas of Scotland
16 March 2016 Emotions seminar The Chair is my legs, the ventilator is my lungs. An emotional entanglement of people and machines
9 March 2016 Emotions seminar Children’s emotional connections with pets
2 March 2016 CRFR seminar Children and families managing school health messages in the context of the ‘obesity epidemic’


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