CRFR International Conference

Conference  drinks reception includes a welcome to the new editorial team of Families, Relationships and Societies and the launch of Sarah Nelson’s book ‘Tackling child sexual abuse’.

We look forward to welcoming you to our 5th international conference, offering delegates opportunities to attend seven streams, skills taster sessions and take part in a dynamic closing session on creating research impact, taking place in the beautiful, vibrant city of Edinburgh.
The conference will address key questions relating to ‘unequal families and relationships’ such as:
  • How are social divisions and inequalities experienced within the context of families and personal relationships?
  • How do inequalities of gender, social class, ethnicity, sexuality, disability and generation, intersect within and between families, households or friendship groups?
  • How are families and relationships implicated in sexism, racism and bigotry, as well as political resistance to injustice and encouragement of inclusiveness, fairness and equality?
  • What comparisons can we draw between the global north and global south and what are the consequences of national boundaries and immigration policies for unequal families and relationships?

Delegate fee for whole conference £340

Subsidised places £160

(PhD students and voluntary organisations – one place per organisation)

Day only rate for Monday £150

Day only rate for Tuesday £150

Day only rate for Wednesday £120

Quick view sessions



Keynote speakers

Julia Brannen
Thomas Coram Research Unit, Institute of Education

Kathleen Gerson
New York University

Lynn Jamieson
The University of Edinburgh

Chang Kyung-Sup
Seoul National University

David Morgan
University of Manchester

Peter Moss
University of London



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