A new report has been launched by the Carnegie UK Trust – ‘InterAction: How can academics and the third sector work together to influence policy and practice?’. It is written by Professor Mark Shucksmith and references the work of CRFR … read more

27 April 2016 • 2.00pm – 3.30pm
Baxter Suite, 1.36, 1st floor Tower building, University of Dundee

Irene Rizzini
Professor at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and
Director of … read more

What do we mean by originality, rigour and significance and how would we score outputs across the range 1* to 4* (Research Excellence Framework, 2014)? Take an active role in identifying these dimensions of assessing outputs. Professor Linda McKie will … read more

Monday 6 June 13.00 – 16.00
Godfrey Thomson Hall, The University of Edinburgh

Psychiatry is hugely important to mental health research and practice, but it is not the only component. Researchers from, for example, the social sciences, humanities, and service-user … read more

With input from CRFR’s Claire Houghton and the young experts of the IMPACT project, an updated version of Equally Safe, Scotland’s strategy to end violence against women and girls strategy has just been published.

Read the report at:

http://blogs.scotland.gov.uk/equally-safe/files/2016/03/Equally-Safe-updated-version-published-23-March-2016.pdfread more

Maximising the impact from research is now a requirement of most research funders. But how do we plan, engage and monitor our knowledge exchange and collaboration activities to ensure we create impact, and can demonstrate this?

This one day training … read more

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