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Navigating Cultural Intimacies

How and why do friendships last across cultural differences? In this in-person talk on Weds 13 March 2024, Dr Shruti Chaudhry explores decades-long friendships amongst older adults of South-Asian heritage in Scotland.

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Fatherhood and changing masculinities in China

Fatherhood and changing masculinities in China: a fireside chat, on Mon 26 Feb 2024, with Xiangxian Wang, Professor in Sociology at the University of Shandong. Xiangxian Wang will discuss social change in fathers’ involvement in parenting in China.

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Co-operative childcare in Derg-era Ethiopia

The Centre for African Studies and CRFR  welcome the anthropologist Dr Sarah Howard, Anthropologist and Researcher from Birkbeck, University of London for an in-person event on Weds 14th Feb. Dr Howard will share her research on  Co-operative childcare in Derg-era Ethiopia.

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