The three-year knowledge exchange project About Families aimed to improve the practice of those working with families by making research more accessible and helping practitioners use it in how they developed services.

As well as presenting evidence in accessible ways, project partners were helped to reflect on how they made use of research in their everyday practice, particularly looking at how they involved the families they were working with in deciding what services to develop and how.

“[About Families made] organisations think about what the evidence is saying and looking at their services to see if there are gaps in their service provision.” Action planning partner

The 3-year project comes to an end this month. However, one year’s ESRC funding, together with funding from the Scottish Government and Parenting Across Scotland, is enabling the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships to develop one of the key aspects of the project – the development of accessible research in direct response to organisation’s service planning needs. CRFR along with Children in Scotland, Parenting Across Scotland and West Lothian Council will be working together over the next year to carry out a feasibility study for a research evidence bank.

Final reports:

About Families: exploring the evidence on disability
About Families: what have we learned about evidence to action?
About Families: gaps in research
About Families project report

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