Childhood & Youth

Theme overview
CRFR is a leader in research on childhood and youth issues, including: children’s rights; child and youth participation; child protection; diversity; and cross-cultural work on childhoods. Through our large body of empirical research, the Centre has contributed to the new social studies of childhood and the view of children as competent social actors. More recent work has focused on relational understandings of childhood, focusing on interdependencies and social networks; relationality in care practices; intergenerational relationships; and children and young people’s role on political processes and decision-making.  Underpinning our approach to childhood and youth research is our commitment to innovative approaches and, in particular, participatory research. We seek to work collaboratively with research participants, service users, practitioners and policymakers, and are committed to challenging rather than reinforcing current hierarchies and exclusions to inform policies and practices that shape the lives of children and families.
Contact Director: Emma Davidson and Associate Director: Samantha Punch
Current/recent projects in this theme
Personal networks of young adults in Switzerland: Social capital, educational and work aspirations
Childhoods, networks and dispersed intimacies: a creative ethnography of Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
Digital Families Research Network
Futures and Family: Italy, Spain and the UK
GUS – Growing Up in Scotland
International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership (Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada)
Talking and Listening to Children – Exploring how social workers and children communicate
The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in Scotland
Young Edinburgh Action
Improving Justice in Child contact
CRFR Briefing 92: Young Edinburgh Action: YEA We Can!
CRFR Briefing 91: Can we put the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth to bed now?
CRFR Briefing 90: Love, fatherhood and possibilities for social change
CRFR Briefing 87: Implementing children and young people’s participation in decision-making: The role of non-governmental organisations
CRFR Briefing 85: Young Edinburgh Action: Reinvigorating young people’s participation in Edinburgh
CRFR Briefing 84: Children’s views on contact with non-resident fathers in the context of domestic abuse
CRFR Briefing 78: Your space or mine? The role of public space in the lives of young people
CRFR Briefing 68: Legally binding agreements: property division and child care when relationships break down
CRFR Briefing 65: Hearing children in court disputes between parents
CRFR Briefing 61: Exploring children’s experiences of migration: movement and family relationships
CRFR Briefing 60: Me and my befriender: exploring adult/child befriending relationships
CRFR Briefing 58: Listening to and learning from children and young people affected by parental alcohol problems

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