CPD training

CPD courses are delivered by professionals who have extensive
experience in delivering education and training on research and consultation with children and young people.

The courses are offered as ‘blended learning’ with 2 days at the University of Edinburgh, an active social network website with online resources and case study presentations from expert speakers. Courses are highly participative and aim to draw on participants’ experience.
Courses can be taken as stand alone courses or as a series of 2 or 3. Accreditation options available for all courses, which are linked to the MSc in Childhood Studies, The University of Edinburgh.

Course overview

Involving children and young people in research and consultation

Using creative methods in research with children and young people

There are no dates currently organised for the above courses but we are considering offering them again.  If interested, please contact k.tisdall@ed.ac.uk and she will keep you updated as we make these decisions.

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