Course resources – Developing innovative research with children and young people

Developing innovative research with children and young people

PeopleSusan Elsley and Kay Tisdall

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Engaging children and young people

Exploring ‘participatory’ methods with children and young people

Exploring ‘creative’ methods with children and young people

Instructions for bag of tools

Reflection on bag of tools

Within these lists, you will find a host of websites as well as print publications. To highlight a few of considerable interest for this course:

A website supported by UNICEF, on ethical research involving children. It includes some of our colleagues’ contributions! There is a great deal of material, from all around the world and for research undertaken in different contexts. It gives the opportunity to participate in forums. Well worth a look.

A Guide for Involving Young People in Monitoring & Evaluating Child Protection Systems

International Institute for Child Rights and Development In partnership with the Oak Foundation. This guide piloted various methods with children in different parts of the world, in order to better monitor and evaluate child protection systems with children.

Funky Dragon: Children as Researchers Resource Pack
Models of participative working with primary school aged children. Contains practical examples, and reflects upon their implications from a research perspective – e.g. ethical issues, how you will analyse them.

‘Spice it up’, the companion toolkit for under 11s
Participation toolkit for young people under the age of 11. The version for older children and young people is very popular …

The Artlab
University of Westminster project looking at using creative and artistic activities as research tools. The website has lots of examples of creative research projects with children. (see also David Gauntlett’s website for further projects he has been involved in – including lego!)

Please share your own finds with us and the course, and we will share them on here.

Opportunities for further study and networking

Want to go more in-depth?

Apply for the MSc/Diploma in Childhood Studies

The MSc/Diploma in Childhood Studies is an intensive interdisciplinary degree, designed to explore issues such as child law and how it is implemented through policy and practice, and the implications of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child for child welfare, disability, education, family studies, juvenile justice, social policy and social work.

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Top Tips – These tips for research and consultation with children and young people were compiled and edited by Michael Gallagher from responses to an email-shot in October 2004 and updated in 2007. This is a fantastic resource, and we would like to extend a big thank-you to all those who freely volunteered their advice. Top tips for research and consultation with children and young people (pdf)

Videos, reflections and transcripts

These will follow shortly.


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