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susanSusan Elsley
Susan Elsley is an independent policy analyst, researcher and writer with a focus on children and young people and the services that support them. With wide experience of working collaboratively with the public and voluntary sectors, Susan is interested in the interface between policy, practice and research. She has a longstanding association with CRFR.

Susan has a commitment to children’s rights and wellbeing in all her work and interests include: children’s participation; advocacy and mentoring; looked after children; creative research methods; children’s play, culture and storytelling. Susan is on the board of Together (the Scottish Alliance for Children’s Rights).

rosieRosie Gibson
Rosie Gibson is a Visual Artist who has completed a Leverhulme Residency at CRFR.
While there, she became curious about the resonance between drawing and qualitative research. She collaborated with PhD student at the time Caroline King on a short film to disseminate her PhD findings: ‘Targets
Rosie enjoys working in contexts where she can collaborate to develop arts and creative processes which enhance the experience of participants and contribute to the value of the outcomes. For example working with the Living Lomonds Landscape Partnership to consult with children on their access to the Lomond Hills in Fife, which led to the production of a family friendly Picnic Leaflet.

colinColin Morrison
Colin is one of the founding members and Co-Director of Children’s Parliament. Colin’s professional background began in teaching, then in community-based youth social work and children’s play. His professional practice was largely in the voluntary sector. In addition to work at the Children’s Parliament Colin is a partner in social research company TASC (Scotland). Colin’s doctoral studies explored sex and relationship learning for children and young people with learning disabilities.

alicja-131x131Alicja Pawluczuk
Alicja Pawluczuk is a Digital Media Practitioner with over 5 years experience of researching and supporting community initiatives in the UK and Southeast Asia. Alicja is particularly interested in grass roots storytelling and participatory communication. Alicja has co-ordinated citizen journalism projects and supported media learning initiatives at the Institute of Local television, Summerhall TV, Media Education, Screen Education Edinburgh, Maverick Television and Food and Agriculture Organisations of the United Nations. She is presently Digital Media Hub Co-ordinator (www.hub8fife.com) with Fife Youth Arts Hub and develops creative ways to raise digital awareness among children and young people. Key areas of Alicja’s work cover digital participation and storytelling, media democracy and video activism.

ROBERTSON_1Judy Robertson
Judy is a Professor at Moray House School of Education – a computer scientist and learning technologist with an interest in interdisciplinary research. She is interested in methodologies for designing technology with and for children and designs and evaluates educational technology in real-world classroom settings by applying a user-centred design approach and rigorous methodologies, both qualitative and quantitative. She has explored the educational benefits of computer game authoring, and more recently examined the extent to which location-based games can increase school children’s physical activity.

ChelseaChelsea Stinson
Chelsea Stinson is Children’s Voices Manager at Children’s Parliament. Chelsea has a background in History/Art History and Community Education and has worked with children and young people in a variety of settings, including community organisations, tutoring programmes, sports teams and outdoor education. As Children’s Voices Manager, Chelsea is responsible for projects and consultations with children to ensure that their voices influence life at home, in school and in the community.

ktisdallKay Tisdall
Kay is Professor of Childhood Policy in the School of Social and Political Science and Programme Directors of the MSc in Childhood Studies.
Kay’s research lies within the interdisciplinary area of childhood studies, with a particular interest in children’s rights and children’s legislation and policy. Her research topics are diverse, linked by: methodological interests in research with children; theoretical interests in participation; collaboration and rights; policy interests in ‘joined up’ policy, particularly in relation to disability and children.

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