Gender & Sexuality

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Theme overview
Our work addressing gender and sexuality incorporates a focus on gender-based violence, sexuality and sexual relationships, and gender sensitive analyses of a range of topics relating to families and relationships. This includes an interest in how families and friendship relationships counteract, resist or are implicated in sexism and homophobia and their intersections with racism and sectarianism.  In terms of gender-based violence, we work across the life-course, and are interested in violence and disruption in everyday relationships including couple relationships, parent-child relationships, carer relationships and friendships. Our research also investigates – and contributes to informing –  policy and institutional responses to gender-based violence and child abuse.
Contact: CRFR Associate Director Nancy Lombard, CRFR Associate Director Lesley McMillan, CRFR Research Fellow: Claire Houghton
Current/recent projects in this theme
Boys and girls: Transitional constructions of gender-based violence
Changing international policy on violence affecting children in partnership with UNICEF
Improving Justice in Child Contact
Tackling child sexual abuse by Sarah Nelson. In 2016 Sarah Nelson held two seminars on child sexual abuse ‘Understanding barriers to disclosure of sexual
abuse: creating child-centred approaches’ and ‘Community prevention of childhood
sexual abuse: a model for practice’.
CRFR Briefing 84: Children’s views on contact with non-resident fathers in the context of domestic abuse
CRFR Briefing 80: South Asian women’s experience of family abuse: The role of the husband’s mother
CRFR Briefing 72: Strengthening mother-child relationships as part of domestic violence recovery
CRFR Briefing 69: Domestic Abuse and Gender Inequality: An overview of the current debate
CRFR Briefing 64: Second class citizens…second class women: the impact of gender inequality and gender based violence on transsexual women
CRFR Briefing 54: Young people’s attitudes about violence
CRFR Briefing 44: Care and support needs of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse   2009
CRFR Briefing 42: After domestic abuse: children’s perspective on contact with fathers
CRFR Briefing 39: Older women and domestic violence in Scotland

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