Health, Illness & Wellbeing

Theme overview
How are health and illness experienced within families and relationships? How do families and relationships influence health? These questions reflect the interests of CRFR researchers working in the area of health, caring and well being. Our research spans the life-course, from conception to old age, and uses qualitative (e.g. in-depth interviews) and quantitative (e.g. large longitudinal surveys) research methods to explore social dimensions of health and illness within families. Specific areas of interest and expertise include: mental health and well being; parenting, childhood and health; reproductive health, older people’s health and well being.
Contact Director: Jeni Harden
Current/recent projects in this theme
Digital outreach/reaching out digitally: Online sharing in the face of emotional distress
Women’s views and experiences of post placental Intrauterine contraception (PPIUC)
CRFR Publications
CRFR Briefing 86: Face to Face: Relating to people with dementia until the end of life in care homes
CRFR Briefing 77: Addressing contraception at the time of abortion: experiences of women and health professionals
CRFR Briefing 76: Young people’s views and knowledge about abortion
CRFR Briefing 75: Parenting support for mothers and fathers with a drug problem: issues and challenges for parents and healthcare professionals
CRFR Briefing 74: A sign that something is wrong?: Young people talking about self-harm
Young people’s briefing: Addicted to hurting yourself? Self-harm, alcohol and drug-use
CRFR Briefing 71: Changes in Scottish infant feeding policy and breastfeeding habits between 2004 and 2011
CRFR Briefing 63: Secretly connected? Perceptions about anonymous semen donation and genetic fatherhood
CRFR Briefing 62: Is there something special about family meals? Exploring how family meal habits relate to young children’s diets
CRFR Briefing 58: Listening to and learning from children and young people affected by parental alcohol problems

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