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University of Stirling, The Faculty of Social Sciences, support a multidisciplinary Centre for Child Wellbeing and Protection Research Group. The members of this group have particular expertise in bridging sociological and social work research; cross-cultural work on childhoods; and the use of innovative methodologies in researching personal relationships.  Recent studies have focused on the experiences of looked after children; the nature of resilience; the changing nature of our emotional lives; and the impact of substance misuse within families.

The group works collaboratively with research practitioners, service users, practitioners and policymakers to inform policies and practices which shape the lives of children and families. In addition we welcome the opportunity to link with child welfare / protection researchers at WithScotland (formerly MARS and SCCPN), who are also based at the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Stirling. WithScotland also host a research network, and we share with them an interest in research on childcare and child protection issues, and a commitment to exploring challenges for practice.

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