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University of the Highlands and Islands
Overview CRFR Associate Directors
University of Highlands and Islands: With a mission to address the social, economic, cultural and environmental challenges facing remote and rural places and people, the Centre for Remote and Rural Studies conducts high quality research to stimulate public debate and evaluate policy that will secure the long term wellbeing of remote and rural regions, such as the Highlands and Islands. Our links focus on the inequalities, and particularly the factors that give rise to inequality and exclusion. We work closely with key staff from CRRS on issues relating to migration, mobilities and identities to better understand how inequalities interact across the lifecourse and across geographies.
CRFR Associate Researchers
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Projects linked with CRFR
  • ‘Preventing and Ending Poverty –for families, relationships and communities’, November 2013, Edinburgh ( With L. Jamieson and Adrian Sinfield, CRFR, University of Edinburgh) ( Funded by JRF)
  • ESRC Seminar Series ‘Exploring Children’s Relationships across Majority and Minority Worlds’, 2010-2012. ( with Kay Tisdall, CRFR, University of Edinburgh)


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