Overview of CRFR Families & Relationships Research

CRFR has particular expertise in social scientific research, in cross-cultural work on families and relationships, and in the use of innovative approaches to researching personal relationships. It works collaboratively with research participants, service users, practitioners and policymakers, and is committed to challenging rather than reinforcing current hierarchies and exclusions, to inform policies and practices that shape lives of within societies. CRFR research is not limited to the Scottish/ UK context.

All CRFR research relates to Families and Relationships, but within this, our work is grouped into 5 main research themes (which can be linked to from the left panel):

  • Childhood & Youth
  • Institutions & Civil Society
  • Health, Illness & Wellbeing
  • Gender & Sexuality
  • Environment & Sustainability

These themes are not intended to be rigid, nor to imply that other Families & Relationships research is excluded. We expect these themes to evolve over the next few years, as existing programmes of work are consolidated, and new collaborations and research activity emerge.

Intersecting with these 5 substantive research themes, are key cross-cutting themes, indicative of broader issues of particular research interest with Families & Relationships, and/or research approaches used:

  • Social Justice, Human Rights & Inequalities;
  • Life-course and Transitions;
  • Methodological innovation;
  • Intervention development & evaluation
  • Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement 
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