A team of researchers, led by CRFR Co-Directors Kay Tisdall and Jeni Harden and CRFR PhD Student Cara Blaisdell have recently published a special issue in the International Journal of Child, Youth & Family Studies on the involvement of children and young people in research. Arising from the CRFR 2013 International Conference, the issue aims to advance the way that childhood studies is researched and practiced, by asking authors to reflect on the last 20 years of involving children and young people in research and critically examine topics such as the role of new technologies, the challenges of existing practice, and how ethical and practical approaches to working with children and young people can be developed.

CRFR associates Susan Elsley, Michael Gallagher, Marlies Kustatscher and Alice Maclean also contributed.

It’s open access so read it at: International Journal of Child, Youth and Family Studies (2014): 5(4.1) 605-610.

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