Child contact proceedings for children affected by domestic abuse‘ a briefing paper, prepared for Scotland’s Commissioner for Children and Young People
by CRFRS’s Fiona Morrison and E. Kay M. Tisdall,

The purpose of this research was to provide the  Commissioner with information about current  practices and procedures in Scottish child contact proceedings for children affected by domestic abuse, from a children’s rights perspective. Three types of proceedings are considered:

• family actions;
• children’s hearings proceedings; and
• adoption and permanence orders.
The research examines how the concepts of ‘best interests’ and ‘the voice of the child’ are used in these proceedings. It also investigates where guidance and training on this topic may already exist. It identifies current gaps in knowledge and practice and offers advice on how the Commissioner can work to address these.

Three areas of recommendations for SCCYP’s future work under the headings:

  • Work towards a common and evidenced definition of domestic abuse
  • Encourage sound information to inform practice and policy
  • Influence training and guidance on the impact of domestic abuse on children, and particularly on disputed contact

The full report is also available:

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