On 22 October CRFR associate director Matthew Waites (University of Glasgow) will be in conversation with leading Jamaican human rights activist Maurice Tomlinson. Maurice was the inaugural recipient of the David Kato Vision and Voice Award for leadership in work for LGBTI human rights. This event will take place following the screening of documentary film The Abominable Crime at the Document 2016 International Human Rights Film Festival at the CCA in Glasgow.

The Abominable Crime addresses homophobia in Jamaica: It is the story of Simone, a young lesbian single mother who survives a brutal anti-gay shooting, to then seek asylum; and Maurice, Jamaica’s leading human-rights activist, who is outed shortly after filing a lawsuit challenging his country’s anti-sodomy law.

‘Maurice Tomlinson in Conversation’ is a free event that will follow the screening of the documentary film. Matthew Waites will be talking to Maurice about his experiences as activist, lawyer and educator, including his ground-breaking legal case for the decriminalisation of same-sex sexual behaviour in Jamaica, and further work contesting migration laws. This will be a space to discuss transnational strategies for supporting human rights in contexts of postcolonial power relations. The event is supported by the Glasgow Human Rights Network.

For details and to book tickets see the Document 2016 website:

The Abominable Crime

Maurice Tomlinson In Conversation

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