On the 27th January the Scottish Abortion Care Providers conference was held in Edinburgh. Out of ten papers presented at the event, four were related to work conducted by people connected to CRFR.

CRFR Co-Director Jeni Harden presented the findings from a study on GPs’ role in abortion referral. Lisa McDaid (CRFR Associate Director) reported on the persistence of stigma in women’s experiences of abortion, drawing on findings from research with women having more than one abortion and women having ‘later’ abortions. Two other presentations on work that arose from the findings of CRFR research were; Sarah Sherman on the development of a video presenting one woman’s experiences of abortion; Leanne Rockingham and Jill Wilson reported on the development of the ‘Let’s talk about abortion’ animated video that arose as a response to the ‘Young People’s Views on Abortion’ research, which found that there were many gaps in young people’s knowledge about abortion.

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