3 November 2016, 12.30 to 1.30
CRFR meeting room, 23 Buccleuch Place, Edinburgh

Italy is a country facing the crisis of degiovanimento (Rosina 2008, 2014) — the homeland of a ‘generation with a suitcase’ leaving the country but, at the same time, home to women and men in their 30s who do not leave their parents’ home. It is also a country where young people are better educated than any previous generation and yet less socially mobile, the place where education matters less than the profession of one’s father when finding work.

Employment opportunities have reduced but parental roles in young families have unexpectedly changed and equalized (Saraceno 2011). The crisis has not stopped the mild recovery in fertility rates which put Northern regions, richer but less prolific, ahead of Southern ones.

This seminar, given by Adele Lebano, is organised around four main themes, all intersected by the economic crisis:
• Degiovanimento
• Young and old generations in Italy
• Familism and welfarism in Italy
• Italian women, men, work and family

This seminar is free to attend but places are limited. To book please email brenda.saetta@ed.ac.uk

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