Making and measuring impact

11 May 2017   9am-4pm

The University of Edinburgh

£120 (includes refreshments and lunch)

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Maximising the impact from research is now a requirement of most research funders. But how do we plan, engage and monitor our knowledge exchange and collaboration activities to ensure we create impact, and can demonstrate this?

This one day training session, run by Dr Sarah Morton and Lesley Kelly from CRFR, draws on the growing body of literature about research utilisation to explore the processes of research impact and measurement. The first part will focus on developing understandings of how research is taken up, used and re-used by non-academics, and how this process might lead to changes in awareness, policies and practices.  The second part will address issues in assessing impact, and support participants in starting to develop an impact framework for their own research.

This course covers:

  • How research is used in non-academic context
  • How to define and operationalise concepts of research impact
  • Issues in assessing impact
  • How to develop an impact framework

By the end of the course, participants will:

  • Have a clearer evidence-based understanding of the processes of research use and impact
  • Be able to draw on theoretical concepts of research utilisation to inform their own impact plans
  • Have started to develop an impact framework for their own research
  • Feel more confident and able to engage with the impact requirements of research funders

This course is aimed at researchers and at intermediaries supporting academics to maximise impact.

A limited number of bursary places are available for University of Edinburgh social scientists. Please see information from the CAHSS Knowledge Exchange team.

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