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Childhood and Youth theme

Theme: Childhood and Youth

Exploring Children’s Relationships across Majority and Minority Worlds

The seminar series brought together leading research on children’s relationships, to foster debate, challenge and dialogue across Majority and Minority world* contexts. It had a distinctly interdisciplinary agenda, bringing together theoretical developments and research in Childhood Studies with concepts of intimacy and relationships. At a time when investment in children’s services has never been so extensive and there is considerable concern about UK children’s well-being, this seminar series was very timely to consider the implications of the above for policy and practice.

There were four seminars in this ESRC seminar series, which took place over 2010-2012


CRFR briefing 61 – Exploring children’s experiences of migration: movement and family relationships

Special issue on Children’s Geographies 2012 Issue 3

Morrow, V. (2012):Troubling transitions? Young people’s experiences of growing up in poverty in rural Andhra Pradesh, India, Journal of Youth Studies, DOI:10.1080/13676261.2012.704986

CESESMA, The Centre for Education in Health and Environment – Nicaragua – Learn to Live without Violence: Transformative research through children and young people’s participation (2012) -an English language version is published jointly by CESESMA in Nicaragua and The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation at the University of Central Lancashire in England, ISBN 978-1-901922-85-1.

Seminar 1: Peer Relations 29 April 2010

Kate Bacon
Mansi Desai
Lynn Jamieson and Sue Milne
Kay Tisdall
Kristina Konstantoni

Seminar 2: Intergenerational Relationships 29 Nov 2010

Pia Christensen
Sue Milne
Miranda van Reeuwijk
Vicky Plows
Maggie Morrison
Mohammed M Al-Rozzi

Seminar 3: Youth Transitions to Adulthood 1 April 2011

Rachel Thomson
Emily Forster
Jane Dyson
Mary-Louise Corr
Lorraine van Blerk
Virginia Morrow

Seminar 4: Migration and family relationships Oct 2011

Iman Hashim
Dorte Thorsen
Sam Punch
Marta Moskal
Naomi Tyrell
Philomena de Lima