CRFR Associate Director Lorraine van Blerk is one of the research team on ‘Growing up on the Streets’, an innovative participatory research project following the lives of young people as they live and grow up on the streets of three African cities. It aims to bridge the gap between legislation and political attitudes, and street children’s realities.

Working with teams in the three countries, the project created a network of over 200 street children and youth, 18 of whom acted as research assistants, gathering information on the lives of their peers. With over 3,000 interviews and focus groups, it forms the largest ever database of the lives of young street people.

The team has produced an interactive web app, a story map of life growing up on the streets in Accra, which was funded by prize money received winning the University of Dundee’s Stephen Fry Award for Public Engagement Project of the Year 2017.

Take a look at:

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