CRFR Co-Director Professor Kay Tisdall is to work with Dr Fiona Morrison (former CRFR PhD student and CRFR Research Fellow) on a project led by the University of Stirling to examine the rights of children to participate in family law cases. The project, also involving Clan Childlaw, will examine law and practice in Scotland, and internationally, to establish the current position for children and identify potential solutions to the challenges and barriers in this area.

The research is being funded by the Scottish Government to inform the review of the Children (Scotland) Act 1995.

A second project, led by CRFR Associate Researcher Professor Jane Mair from the University of Glasgow, will focus on legal professionals’ understanding of domestic abuse and its implications in child contact cases, exploring the interaction between the criminal and civil justice systems.

Read the Scottish Government Press Release here.


Children’s Participation in Family Actions: Probing compliance with children’s human rights’ is a collaborative project between Dr Fiona Morrison, Stirling University;  Professor Kay Tisdall, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, University of Edinburgh; and Clan Childlaw.

‘Domestic Abuse and Child Contact: The interface between criminal and civil justice’ is a collaborative project between Professor Jane Mair, University of Glasgow; Dr Richard Whitecross, Edinburgh Napier University, and Professor Michele Burman, University of Glasgow.

 In May 2018 the Scottish Government published a consultation on potential changes to the Children (Scotland) Act 1995. Interim findings from both research projects will be included in consideration of next steps following the consultation and will inform development of the Scottish Government’s family justice modernisation strategy.

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