Emma Davidson

Dr Emma Davidson is a social policy researcher, with a background in qualitative policy analysis research and teaching. A director of the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships, and co-editor of the journal Scottish Affairs, Emma is an UK expert in ‘big qual’ data, leading innovations around secondary analysis and delivering training at national level. Emma was part of a team of researchers working on the qualitative methodological innovation project, Working across qualitative longitudinal studies: A feasibility study looking at care and intimacy (with Professor Ros Edwards, Professor Lynn Jamieson and Dr Susie Weller). Funded by the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM), the aim was to examine the possibilities for developing new procedures and extending good practice for working across multiple sets of archived qualitative data. We wanted to know whether it is possible to do ‘big qual’ analysis while retaining all that is distinct about rigorous qualitative research.

Emma’s work is concerned with the relationship between macro socio-economic structures and the micro-personal and subjective, and typically draws on qualitative methods that help understand people and their lives from their own vantage points. Areas of research in the last ten years have included evaluating the impact of book-sharing; analysing the impact of interventions to address multiple needs homelessness; young people’s experiences of antisocial behaviour policy; the role of informal support within the care system; and interrogating evidence on the benefits of ACE-informed (Adverse Childhood Experiences) policy – see the blog here: https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/CRFRresilience/. Most recently, Emma has been leading research funded by a prestigious Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship on the everyday social world of the public library and the challenges they face under austerity. Working with libraries, and the neighbourhoods in which they are based, the project is exploring the everyday social worlds of public libraries and the challenges they face under austerity (project blog is here: https://blogs.ed.ac.uk/anewpage/). This work relates to Emma’s broader interests in community, identity and civil society.

Emma’s work has been published in high quality journals, including Social Policy and Society, Social Inclusion, Sociological Research Online and Quality and Quantity. Recent publications include:

 Davidson, E (in press) ‘The Voices of Scottish Librarians: Continuity and change’. Scottish Affairs. 29(4).

Davidson, E. & Carlin, E. (2019) Steeling young people: resilience and youth policy in ScotlandSocial Policy and Society. 18(3).

Weller, S., Davidson, E., Edwards, R. and Jamieson, L. (2019) eds. Analysing large volumes of complex qualitative data: Reflections from international experts, NCRM Working Paper. National Centre for Research Methods.

Davidson, E., Edwards, R. Jamieson, L. and Weller, S. (2018) Big data, qualitative style: a breadth-and-depth method for working with large amounts of secondary qualitative dataQuality & Quantity. 53(1).

Davidson, E. & Whittaker, L. (2017) ‘How are you?: Young care leavers’ narratives of support’, edited by Ruth Rogers and Shane Blackman, The Marginalisation of Young People in the UK, Palgrave Press.

 For further information and a full list of publications, please see:  http://www.sps.ed.ac.uk/staff/sociology/emma_davidson

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