Kay Tisdall

Kay is Professor of Childhood Policy in the School of Social and Political Science and Programme Directors of the MSc in Childhood Studies.

Kay’s research lies within the interdisciplinary area of childhood studies, with a particular interest in children’s rights and children’s legislation and policy. Her research topics are diverse, linked by: methodological interests in research with children; theoretical interests in participation; collaboration and rights; policy interests in ‘joined up’ policy, particularly in relation to disability and children

 Current CRFR focus:

Kay works with others in a range of research and knowledge exchange projects, in relation to childhood, children’s rights, and children’s services. Along with theoretical and methodological interests, she is considerably committed to policy and practice development.

Kay works in delivering CPD courses at CRFR, led by Dr Susan Elsley. The courses explore research and consultation with children and young people, covering the following topics:

  • Involving children and young people in research and consultation
  • Using creative methods in research with children and young people
  • Using digital media in research with children and young people

Email Kay at: k.tisdall@ed.ac.uk

For further information and a full list of publications, please see http://www.sps.ed.ac.uk/staff/social_policy/tisdall_kay

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