Pam Warner

Pam is Reader in Medical Statistics and is a member of staff at the University’s Centre for Population Health Sciences (CPHS) teaching on their Master in Public Health.

Pam has considerable experience in inter-disciplinary research, including in-depth interview and questionnaire-based social research studies. Her research interests include:

Reproductive health – family planning, menstrual disorders, male reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases; inequalities in health, with a focus on reproductive health and gender issues; longitudinal studies of children, families and relationships and communicating statistical risk information to health professionals, policy makers and patients / population.

Current CRFR focus

Pam is one of the CRFR representatives on the Scottish Government Advisory Group for the Growing Up in Scotland longitudinal cohort stud.  She is involved in supervision of a number of students undertaking research projects utilising GUS data – B Med Sci Hons medical undergraduates to PhD.

Pam’s current work addresses concerns, symptoms and complaints that have risk for, or can impact on men, women and families. This includes a developmental clinical study on heavy menstrual bleeding and an assessment of competencies and training needs of pharmacy staff in delivering chlamydia screening in community pharmacies.

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