Exchange Fellows

The Exchange Fellowship Scheme is designed to promote collaboration between voluntary, public and private sector organisations and the College of Humanities and Social Science. The Scheme allows successful applicants access to University resources to work on a project of mutual interest.

Shirley Otto
Shirley Otto is a specialist in governance and management in third sector organisations in Scotland. Based in Edinburgh she works as an independent trainer, facilitator and consultant. Shirley studied Psychology at the University of Hull and has a PhD from the Department of Organisational Psychology, Birkbeck College. She has a special interest in governance in women-centered charities and in tailor-made board development.


The project is sponsored by Rape Crisis Scotland and Rape Crisis England and Wales. Good governance is fundamental to the effectiveness of charities. Major determinants for governance practices are

  • the underpinning values of the charity
  • the nature of the work and its demands on the trustees and those associated with them

The Project is in its final stages. A model for the governance of feminist charities has been developed and will be the basis for a

  • a CRFR Briefing
  • a training tool kit for Rape Crisis Centers to use and
  • a journal article written with Sarah Morton

Previous Exchange Fellow

Christina Rzepa
Christina Rzepa visited from Simon Fraser University in Canada, where she is pursuing a Masters in Public Health. She worked with Edinburgh’s Pregnancy and Parents Centre in partnership with CRFR to implement and evaluate a  programme to improve health and emotional outcomes for vulnerable women and their partners during and after pregnancy. The project was from May to August 2013.


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