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The politics of neuroscience and early intervention “At the heart of early intervention is the assumption that poverty and disadvantage are personal failings associated with poor parenting. Disadvantaged families are automatically conceptualised in terms of risk, with little consideration given to wider structural and economic factors.” Ros Edwards is Professor of Sociology at the University of Southampton,  Val Gillies is Professor of Social Research and Nicola Horsley is a Research Fellow at London South Bank University – presenters at CRFR’s international conference

Research methods: insights into real life “Real life is complicated and gloriously messy”. Professor Jennifer Mason  on facet methodology at CRFR’s international conference

Race and rural Scotland “Having ‘done race’ the policy emphasis has shifted to ‘diversity’, difference, identities and so on. There appears to have been a deafening silence on ‘race’.” Dr Philomena de Lima, is an Associate Director at the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships and Director of the UNI Centre for Remote and Rural Studies, University of the Highlands and Islands



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