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The Solo Living Research Network is an international group of researchers, who share an interest in solo living, living in a one-person household.

Those joining the Solo Living Network will have information on relevant research and publications made available via the website and be added to the members email list.

Solo living is analytically separate from being single, although partnership status and living arrangements are often related.
The number of people who live alone is growing at all ages of adult life and across many societies.

This trend can be interpreted as an aspect of more general processes of increasing individualization, or more optimistically of greater democracy in intimate relationships. It is also a trend which impacts on future demands for a range of social provision such as income support, pensions, health, housing and transport. For both theoretical and policy reasons, it is particularly important to broaden and deepen our understanding of this growing population.

In any one country, this population is not homogeneous but made up of diverse socio-demographic characteristics and circumstances, with clear gender differences.

Our own particular interest is in people of working age, however we invite participation from those working across the full adult age spectrum.

If you wish to join the network or update information please contact

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