Boys and girls: Transitional constructions of gender-based violence

This research will be the first investigation into what young people, aged between 5 and 11, think about men’s violence against women. It will locate the construction and understanding of gendered violence in the childhood socialisation process bringing together social psychology, sociology and childhood studies. Contemporary violence research pivots on parties directly involved in or those assumed to be old enough to understand it. This research derives its originality form these gaps in the sociological evidence. Methods will give the voice of young people epistemological pride of place. In recognising that all violence is gendered in both its perpetration and victimisation (Stanko 2006) a sample of both boys and girls is critical. The perceptions of a gendered sample will not only help to cast light on the meanings of violence but should also help constructive engagement with initiatives to prevent it.

Funding details: Richard Benjamin Trust

Research team: Nancy Lombard

Type of Project: Research

Keywords: gender-based violence, children’s views, violence against women

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