Changing international policy on violence affecting children in partnership with UNICEF

Sarah Morton and Debi Fry have been awarded an ESRC Impact Grant to investigate how a large study funded by UNICEF has led to changes in policy in different countries, with a focus on Peru.

A partnership between UoE and UNICEF has analysed how interpersonal and structural factors affect everyday violence in children’s homes and communities and how negative outcomes could be reduced if violence was prevented.

This project will identify, accelerate and assess the impact of this work on:

    • national legislation and public policies
    • international debates and media
    • technical assistance for countries to conduct research on violence prevention
    • national budgeting for violence prevention
    • uptake, analysis and use of previously suppressed data on violence.

This will help understand how the research partnership has contributed to the reduction of violence experienced by children in the four countries covered by the project, with a detailed assessment for one country.

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