Empowered and Effective Decision Making

A strong body of research evidence highlights the struggle that disabled children and young people have in getting their voice heard. This can prevent them taking a central role in decisions about their life. This action research will identify and evaluate ways of addressing this situation by considering these questions:

  • What do disabled children and young people feel support and hinder them to make informed and effective decisions?
  • What do parents/carers feel support and hinder their son/daughter to make informed and effective decisions, and how do they see their role in supporting their child in the process?
  • What do professionals feel help and hinder the child/young person to make informed and effective decisions?
  • What tools, approaches and strategies work well and what does not work so well?

This Action Research Project is a partnership between Capability Scotland and the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships (CRFR).


Sarah Morton, Kay Tisdall

Funding details:

The Scottish Government

Research team:

Eric Mitchell, Capability. Sarah Morton, CRFR.


To March 2015

Output material: www.capability-scotland.org.uk/what-can-i-do-for-capability/policy-campaigns/current-research/empowered-and-effective-decision-making/


Disability, children, young people, families

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