GPs and self-harm

This project explores the experiences and understandings of General Practitioners (GPs) regarding self-harm. Self-harm (self-injury or self-poisoning, irrespective of the apparent purpose of the act, NICE 2004) is common in Scotland (and the UK), with up to 1 in 7 young people reporting self-harm at least once in their lifetime (O’Connor et al. 2009). As such, it is imperative that GPs are able to respond sensitively and appropriately to patients who have self-harmed. GPs currently receive no standard training on self-harm.
The research will generate an analysis of GPs accounts of their experiences of treating patients who have self-harmed, as well as their understandings of self-harm and its relationship with suicide. Findings will be used to develop a training intervention to support

Contact: Amy Chandler

Funding details: Chief Scientist’s Office (CSO)

Research team: Caroline King, Amy Chandler, Steve Platt, and Chris Burton

Dates: 1st February 2013 – 30th April 2014

Type of project: Research

Keywords: Self-harm; primary care; general practice; medicine; healthcare; mental health; suicide; GPs in responding to and treating patients who have self-harmed.

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