Knowledge into Action research – defining methods and strategic national projects to implement the NHSScotland Knowledge to Action model

The NHS Scotland Knowledge into Action model provides a vision of a coordinated network of knowledge brokers, integrated with clinical and improvement teams, to improve clinical practice and better health outcomes by:

  • Combining research with evidence from the experience of teams, patients and carers
  • Delivering knowledge in actionable formats – for example care bundles, decision aids, pathways, decision support
  • Supporting exchange and dissemination of knowledge
  • Building organisational capacity and culture for use of knowledge through leadership, and building knowledge management roles and skills.

The Centre for Research for Families and Relationships in partnership with SMCI Associates is contracted to research the two following primary questions:

  • What types, and sources of knowledge, methods of combining and presenting knowledge, are used to deliver frontline care ?
  • What national NHS projects would deploy Knowledge to Action model to have the highest impact on the NHS’s four national strategic priorities?
  • How should knowledge to action projects be evaluated

Contact: Sarah Morton

Funding details: Contracted by NHS Education for Scotland

Research team: Sarah Morton, Sheila Inglis (SCMI), Karen Seditas, Amy Chandler, Heather Wilkinson, Juliet MacArthur (NHS)

Dates: 2013-2014 (one year)

Type of project: Consultation

Keywords: NHS, health, knowledge exchange and dissemination, knowledge management,

Publications/dissemination: Evaluation tools and a project report for the contractors. Other outputs to be agreed.


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