PROP2 Practitioner research: outcomes and partnership

This project has been developed by IRISS and CRFR, The University of Edinburgh and aims to build on learning from the previous PROP project. The project aims to develop research capacity and knowledge exchange amongst practitioners and to generate evidence about issues relevant to practice. The focus will be on integrated working practices built around personal outcomes for people who access support. Working with partners from health adn social care, a group of practitioners will be supported to identify a research question, and to plan and implement a research project. The practitioners will develop research awareness and skills and their organisation will increase their research and knowledge exchange capacity especially in relation to use of data.

Funding details: Funded by IRISS

Research team: Ailsa Cook, Vivien Moffat, Stuart Muirhead, Heather Wilkinson

Dates: This project will run for 21 months from April 2014

Download the reports here

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