SASH research project (Social Aspects of Self-Harm)

The SASH Research Project is exploring what young people aged 14-16 have to say about self-harm, including drug and alcohol use. Young people aged 16 or under are rarely included in qualitative research about self-harm, however it is well understood that self-harm often begins in early adolescence.

Data collection will involve conducting focus groups with young people living in different areas; and carrying out one-to-one interviews with young people aged 14-16 who have self-harmed, or who use drugs and alcohol. The aim is to generate accounts from young people regarding their views about why people use self-harm, drugs or alcohol. During one-to-one interviews young people will have the chance to talk about their own experiences, but this is not compulsory.

Contact: Amy Chandler

Funding details: Sir Halley Stewart Trust Fund

Research team: Amy Chandler

Dates: 1st February 2013 – 31st July 2014

Type of project: Research

Keywords: Self-harm; substance use; inequalities; young people

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