The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) in Scotland

How can academia and civil society work in partnership to create a new model of UNCRC implementation? There is no better time to harness the momentum of the children’s human rights movement, to develop innovative partnerships and methods of working to answer this question.

Four one-day interdisciplinary and cross-sector seminars will seek to improve the implementation and monitoring of the UNCRC through the development of partnerships between universities, NGOs, child law specialists and children and young people. Seminars will examine UNCRC implementation from law, practice and policy perspectives to address cutting edge questions that need academic-civil society partnerships. They will include and embed children and young people’s lived experiences of their rights. The series will culminate with a final action-focussed seminar on new methods of UNCRC monitoring and implementation. Seminars will also capture international academic experience of UNCRC implementation to inform practice and ensure Scotland asserts itself as part of the children’s human rights narrative on the global stage.

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