West Lothian early intervention programme evaluation

Support to develop an evaluation process for West Lothian Council’s Early Intervention Programme. CRFR is supporting West Lothian staff to:

  • establish a framework for evaluation using contribution analysis
  • identify suitable data sources and outcome indicators
  • oversee implementation of the evaluation
  • assist with data analysis and report writing

Partnership working between CRFR and West Lothian Council aims to establish, maintain and make use of an evaluation approach using contribution analysis. The aim is to up-skill relevant staff in evaluation approaches, whist also adding an element of external scrutiny to the evaluation process. Contribution analysis creates opportunities for discussion and development of planning and implementation processes as well as investigating outcomes. A small team comprising the researchers and West Lothian Council staff work together, ensuring that learning is maximised across the system.

Contact: Sarah Morton

Funding details: Contracted by West Lothian Council

Research team: Sarah Morton, Laura Airey, Cara Blaisdell

Dates: January 2013– 2014

Type of project: Evaluation

Keywords: Early intervention, evaluation

Associated publications/dissemination:

CRFR Briefing 79: Evaluating the Young Mothers’ Service using contribution analysis: lessons learned

Young Mothers Service report

Young Mothers leaflet

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