What Works Scotland Evidence to Action project

What Works Scotland Evidence to Action project, in partnership with South Ayrshire Council

What Works Scotland is working with South Ayrshire Council to support evidence-informed decision making in early intervention and prevention around child poverty. Jointly, we are developing an Evidence to Action project to identify what the Council wants to achieve, what evidence is needed and how different types of knowledge can be combined to inform decision-making, and how evidence can be used to achieve outcomes.

We will look at what the available evidence can tell us about the causes of child poverty and what early trigger signs can indicate risk of poverty, and in the early years what factors can mitigate the effects of child poverty and prevent child poverty. This evidence review will be combined with local knowledge to assess which actions are appropriate at local levels, to inform decision-making.

Research team: Sarah Morton, Karen Seditas

Expert advisor: Morag Treanor

Researcher: Alexandra Macht

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