Working across qualitative longitudinal studies: A feasibility study looking at care and intimacy

Over the course of the project (until May 2018) we will be reflecting, debating and actively demonstrating the feasibility of conducting secondary analysis across existing data from several qualitative longitudinal studies. To do this, we will be using archived data from the ESRC Timescapes project and focusing on the substantive topic of care and intimacy. Through the study we hope to explore new procedures for working with multiple sets of qualitative longitudinal data and extend good practice in this emergent, and important, field of research.

Project website

Contact: Lynn Jamieson

Funding details: Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council as part of a package of research by the National Centre for Research Methods.

Research team: Professor Rosalind Edwards & Dr Susie Weller, University of Southampton and Dr Emma Davidson & Professor Lynn Jamieson, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships.

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