So what? Measuring impact in services for children and families

22 October 2013

John McIntyre Conference Centre • Edinburgh


9.30 Registration and refreshments
10.00 Welcome from the chair, Sarah Morton , CRFR
10.10 Focusing on outcomes: Karyn McCluskey, Violence Reduction Unit
10.30 Questions
10.35 Evaluation for learning: why we need a mixed approach to evidencing outcomes that is practical and user friendly, Steven Marwick, Evaluation Support Scotland
10.55 Questions
11.00 Commissioning for outcomes: a funder’s perspective, Helen Chambers, Inspiring Scotland
11.20 Questions and discussion
11.30 Coffee and networking
12.00 Workshops
1.00-1.55 Lunch
2.00 Workshops repeated
3.00 Developing child rights indicators; how children can contribute to measuring impact in their lives: Professor Laura Lundy and Lesley Emerson, Centre for Child’s Rights, Belfast
3.30- 3.45 Next steps – how can we build on our shared knowledge? Sarah Morton


  1. Exploring successful outcomes reporting: What makes for successful outcomes reporting? How does the process of assessing and reporting connect to improving practice and improving children’s lives? This workshop discusses the learning from analysis of Inspiring Scotland’s Early Years Early Action Fund outcomes reporting. Steven Marwick, ESS and Kelly Shiell-Davis, CRFR
  2. Whose outcomes? Making sure that ‘so what’ question stays focused on outcomes for children: How leadership, practice and reporting are all aligned to focusing on outcomes for children. Pamela Barnes, Includem
  3. The challenge of strategic commissioning for outcomes: This workshop looks at outcomes from the perspectives of those spending to achieve outcomes, those seeking a strategic and coherent approach to delivery in Glasgow and those delivering outcomes; a funder, a local authority and a charity. Inspiring Scotland funded CrossReach as part of the Early Years Early Action Fund and the CrossReach project was one of several funded by the EYEA Fund within Glasgow.  Lynn Henni, Perfomance Advisor, Inspiring Scotland, Heather Douglas, Early Years Manager, Glasgow City Council and Viv Dickenson, Director of Children and Families Services talk about outcomes and the Early Years Early Action Fund from their respective views.
  4. Outcomes planning and evaluation using Contribution Analysis – Contribution Analysis is a theory of change that sets out how stakeholders envisage success, works back to set out how to achieve this shared goal and unpicks assumptions in order to gain clearer expectations. Early years performance arts project Starcatchers and West Lothian Council’s early years team have made use of Contribution Analysis with support from CRFR. In this workshop they reflect on the process and how it has improved their planning and their outcomes. Sarah Morton, CRFR; Rhona Matheson, Starcatchers; Marsha Scott and Harriet Waugh, West Lothian Council


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