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We are currently unable to offer training and support to researchers, practitioners and policy-makers who are interested in evidence-based services and in our knowledge-to-action approach.

We hope that we will be able to run courses covering knowledge exchange and impact in the near future.

Please see the links below or get in touch with if you would like more information.


We previously ran courses on knowledge exchange and impact, which covered a wide range of topics including:

  • Making and measuring impact: The ability to generate and demonstrate impact has become a key skill for researchers. This full-day session will introduce you to the theory and processes of research use and research impact. A range of activities will allow you to think about how impact relates to your own research and leave you more confident to engage with the impact requirements of research funders.
  • Communicating for Knowledge Exchange: Writing is an essential skill within research, but plain language writing is very different from writing academic articles. This half-day session will help you understand what plain language is in the context of academic research and how it can help you achieve impact. You will have the opportunity to practice your writing skills and start to develop your own thoughts about how best to communicate your research to your wider stakeholders.
  • Presenting with impact: Having the ability to talk about your research with non-specialist audiences requires very different skills than those used in academic seminars and conference presentations. This half-day session will cover how to give an engaging presentation, how to pitch it at the right level as well as giving you an opportunity to practice your own impassioned soap-box.
  • Networking with confidence: The majority of people have, at one point, found it difficult to navigate their way around a conference lunch or social event. This half-day session, aimed at students and early career researchers, will help you develop the skills needed to build a professional network and do so with confidence. Add on a session about networking via social media for a full-day course.


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