Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

Kindness in court: who cares?

by Iain Smith
Scotland has an enviable reputation for being a country with a compassionate heart. As a nation, we have been at the forefront of a recent upsurge in understanding of the biological science of the impact of childhood trauma on the developing brain, gaining an awareness of adverse childhood experiences.

Childhood sexual abuse: At the heart of problems with ACEs policy, Part 1

by Dr Sarah Nelson OBE
It was the impact of childhood sexual abuse trauma which gave Professor Vincent Felitti and colleagues the first, vital clues to persistent poor health and unhealthy behaviours in adults. It was the trigger to the range of ACE studies they then conducted, and to numerous others….

ACEs – repackaging old problems in shiny new (Emperor’s) clothes

by Morag Treanor
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are defined as stressful events that occur in childhood which are believed to have lifelong impacts on health, wellbeing and health-related behaviours. This blog highlights some (but not all!) limitations with ACEs as a concept and a practice.

ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab

by Robin Cox, Laura H. V. Wright, Tiffany Hill, Tamara Plush, Sarah Fletcher, Nigel Deans
In this post, we hear about the work of ResiliencebyDesign Research Innovation Lab, an interdisciplinary team of researchers committed to using applied, participatory research with young people.