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CRFR Briefing 93: Why do non-academic stakeholders attend knowledge exchange events?

CRFR Briefing 92: Young Edinburgh Action presents YEA, WE CAN!

Children 1st Briefing: Re-imagining ‘outcomes’ in child care and protection 2018

CRFR Briefing 91: Can we put the ‘poverty of aspiration’ myth to bed now? 2017

CRFR Briefing 90: Love, fatherhood and possibilities for social change 2017

CRFR Briefing 89: Spaces for sharing? Challenges of providing emotional support online 2017

CRFR Briefing 88: Listening to young children: meaningful participation in early childhood settings 2017

CRFR Briefing 87: Implementing children and young people’s participation in decision-making: The role of non-governmental organisations 2017

CRFR Briefing 86: Face to Face: Relating to people with dementia until the end of life in care homes 2016

CRFR Briefing 85: Young Edinburgh Action: Reinvigorating young people’s participation in Edinburgh 2016

CRFR Briefing 84: Children’s views on contact with non-resident fathers in the context of domestic abuse 2016

CRFR Briefing 83: A ‘pockets’ approach to addressing financial vulnerability 2016

CRFR Briefing 82: Social assets, low income and child wellbeing 2016

CRFR Briefing 81: Financial vulnerability, mothers’ emotional distress and child wellbeing 2016

CRFR Briefing 80: South Asian women’s experience of family abuse: The role of the husband’s mother 2016

CRFR Briefing 79: Evaluating the Young Mothers’ Service using contribution analysis: lessons learned 2016

CRFR Briefing 78: Your space or mine? The role of public space in the lives of young people 2015

CRFR Briefing 77: Addressing contraception at the time of abortion: experiences of women and health professionals 2015

CRFR Briefing 76: Young people’s views and knowledge about abortion 2015

CRFR Briefing 75: Parenting support for mothers and fathers with a drug problem: issues and challenges for parents and healthcare professionals 2014

CRFR Briefing 74: A sign that something is wrong?: Young people talking about self-harm 2014

Young people’s briefing: Addicted to hurting yourself? Self-harm, alcohol and drug-use

CRFR Briefing 73: Developing an evidence service for the children and families workforce

CRFR Briefing 72: Strengthening mother-child relationships as part of domestic violence recovery

CRFR Briefing 71: Changes in Scottish infant feeding policy and breastfeeding habits between 2004 and 2011

CRFR Briefing 70: Feminist values and the governance of feminist organisations 2014

CRFR conference briefing 2013: Claiming an evidence base for services and interventions (with Inspiring Scotland and Evaluation Support Scotland)

CRFR Briefing 69: Domestic Abuse and Gender Inequality: An overview of the current debate. 2013

CRFR Briefing 68: Legally binding agreements: property division and child care when relationships break down. 2013

CRFR Briefing 67: Making sense of support: how parents view, experience and manage support for their everyday parenting. 2013

CRFR Briefing 66: Assessing research impact: A case study of participatory research 2013

CRFR Briefing 65: Hearing children in court disputes between parents.2013

CRFR Briefing 64: Second class citizens…second class women: the impact of gender inequality and gender based violence on transsexual women. 2012

CRFR Briefing 63: Secretly connected? Perceptions about anonymous semen donation and genetic fatherhood.

CRFR Briefing 62: Is there something special about family meals? Exploring how family meal habits relate to young children’s diets.

CRFR Briefing 61: Exploring children’s experiences of migration: movement and family relationships

CRFR Briefing 60: Me and my befriender: exploring adult/child befriending relationships.

CRFR Briefing 59: Veterans and their families

CRFR Briefing 58: Listening to and learning from children and young people affected by parental alcohol problems.

CRFR Briefing 57: Knowledge Exchange at CRFR: Past, present, future.

CRFR Briefing 56: Women in management: gender, age and working lives.

CRFR Briefing 55: Someone to talk to: views and experiences of emotional support.

CRFR Briefing 54: Young people’s attitudes about violence.

CRFR Briefing 53: From mother to daughter: How mothers and daughters share information about parenting.

CRFR Briefing 52: Doing ok? Children and young people’s views on what affects their mental health.

CRFR Briefing: Why Relationships Matter, research evidence, (2010)

CRFR Briefing 51: No longer living together: how does Scots cohabitation law work in practice?

CRFR Briefing 50: How was it for you? The quality of young people’s sexual relationships.

CRFR Briefing 49: No more periods? Oral contraception and menstrual suppression.

CRFR Briefing 48: Parents’ and children’s negotiations around health: the case of the HPV vaccine.

CRFR Briefing 47: Living on your own: Social integration, quality of life and aspirations for the future.

CRFR Briefing 46: Young fathers and their experiences of forming families.

CRFR Briefing 45: Workplace policies and practices of care.

CRFR Briefing 44: Care and support needs of male survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

CRFR Briefing 43: An artist in a Research Context. 2009

CRFR Briefing 42: After domestic abuse: children’s perspective on contact with fathers. 2009

CRFR Briefing 41: Infertility in Malawi: exploring its impact and social consequences. 2008

CRFR Briefing 40: Parenting practices and support in Scotland. 2008

CRFR Briefing 39: Older women and domestic violence in Scotland. 2008

CRFR Briefing 38: The politics of family policy in post-devolution Scotland: the case of family law reforms. 2008

CRFR Briefing 37: Understanding cohabitation: a critical study of the Living Together as Husband and Wife Rule in UK Social Security Law. 2008

CRFR Briefing 36: Breastfeeding in Scotland: the impact of advice for mothers. 2008

CRFR Briefing 35: Consulting on children’s services: getting the views of children, parents and service providers. 2007

CRFR Briefing 34: It’s my body: calls to ChildLine Scotland about sexual health & wellbeing. 2007

CRFR Briefing 33: Fertility variations in Scotland: geographical influences. 2007

CRFR Briefing 32: Fertility variations in Scotland: actual, expected and ideal fertility 2007

CRFR Briefing 31: Cool with Change: young people talking about support 2007

CRFR Briefing 30: Working fathers in Europe: earning and caring? 2007

CRFR Briefing 29: Childbearing on hold: delayed childbearing and childlessness in Britain. 2006

CRFR Briefing 28: Best practice in learning disability and dementia. February 2006

CRFR Briefing 27: Home and School: promoting the wellbeing of children and young people. 2006

CRFR Briefing 26: Cool with Change.: young people and family change. 2006

CRFR Briefing 25: Parents, Doctors and Personal Care. 2005

CRFR Briefing 24: Women in their Fifties. 2005

CRFR Briefing 23: Relationships between grandparents and teenage grandchildren. 2005

CRFR Briefing 22: Children’s concerns. 2005

CRFR Briefing 21: Work-life balance across the lifecourse. 2005

CRFR Briefing 20: Solo living across the adult lifecourse. 2005

CRFR Briefing 19: Supporting vulnerable young people. 2005

CRFR Briefing 18: Women and health technologies. 2004

CRFR Briefing 17: Growing older with a learning disability and dementia. 2004

CRFR Briefing 16: In love or just curious. 2004

CRFR Briefing 15: Participation for Change. 2004

CRFR Briefing 14: Young people, cannabis and family life. 2004

CRFR Briefing 13: Caringscapes: experiences of caring and working 2004

CRFR Briefing 12: Home birth in Scotland: exploring women’s views. 2004

Research Briefing 11: Family, friendship and the transition to secondary school: the experiences of black, minority ethnic and white children. 2003

CRFR Briefing 10: Men’s understanding of their violence towards women. 2003

CRFR Briefing 9: Feeding families and influences on healthy eating in Scotland:findings from a qualitative study. 2003

CRFR Briefing 8: Maximising children’s interests after parental separation: the Australian experience 2002

CRFR Briefing 7: Parents teenagers and family life: a qualitative investigation. 2002

CRFR Briefing 6: Divorce in Scotland. 2002

CRFR Briefing 5: Child Sexual Abuse: Fracturing Family Life. 2002

CRFR Briefing 4: Understanding Children’s Lives: How children and parents experience and understand social and health inequalities. 2002

CRFR Briefing 3: Family Policy in Scotland. 2002

CRFR Briefing 2: Gender Care and Transitions, in association with the Scottish Poverty Information Unit. 2002

CRFR Briefing 1: Solo-living in Scotland: Trends and issues. 2001