Centre for Research on Families and Relationships

CRFR Directors are drawn from various schools within the University of Edinburgh, to offer academic expertise and guidance relating to our evolving themes.

Dr Emma Davidson

Director, CRFR

Emma is a Lecturer in Social Policy, having completed a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship exploring the public libraries in austerity. Emma is an expert in the analysis of qualitative data; developing techniques to think about, handle and analyse large volumes of complex qualitative data.

Dr Jeni Harden

Director, CRFR

Jeni is a Senior Lecturer in Social Science and Health at the University of Edinburgh. She is also Director of Education for the Usher Institute of Population Health Sciences and Informatics. Jeni combines her research interests in the sociological study of family health and sexual and reproductive health, with a passion for teaching.

Prof Lynn Jamieson

Director, CRFR

Lynn is Professor of Sociology, Families and Relationships and a founding co-director of CRFR. She previously served as President of the British Sociological Association. Lynn is known internationally for her research on intimacy, identity and social change. Her current research interests include the power of families and relationships to influence responses to climate change and issues of sustainability.

Dr Michelle King-Okoye

Director, CRFR

Michelle is a Lecturer at the School of Health in Social Science, University of Edinburgh. She has a strong interest in leadership, mentoring roles and marginalisation and health for ethnic minority communities. She focuses on beliefs, culture, ethnicity, traditions and practices and how these impact on wellbeing and health and illness experiences for individuals and families.

Dr Kaveri Qureshi

Director, CRFR

Kaveri is a Senior Lecturer at the Global Health Policy Unit which lies within the Social Policy subject area of the University of Edinburgh. She studies the combined effects of race/ethnicity, class and gender on health and intimate relationships, specifically chronic ill health, relationship breakdown and divorce, reproductive health and work, and COVID-19.