Mothers living with domestic abuse in Scotland – a tale of poverty and social inequality

Helen WalkerNews

CRFR are pleased to publish Briefing No 94, which explores mothers’ experiences of domestic abuse and its relationship to poverty and social inequality. Using data from the Growing Up in Scotland study, this project examines age, socio-economic status and level of education to illustrate how multiple dimensions of poverty overlap and interlock with experiences of domestic abuse.… Read More »

Impact of covid-19 on care home relatives – first findings


A team of researchers has been investigating the impact of covid-19 on families with relatives in care homes. The ‘impact of covid on care home relatives’ project is led by George Palattiyil Senior Lecturer of Social Work, School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh and is funded by the Chief Scientist Office.… Read More »

Congratulations to Dr Sarah Nelson


CRFR are delighted that Dr Sarah Nelson, Research Associate at CRFR, has been awarded an OBE for her longstanding work on behalf of survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Sarah has conducted research and used it to advocate for survivors over many decades.… Read More »

Call for blog posts on families and relationships under lockdown and dealing with covid 19


COVID-19 is impacting on all aspects of family life and personal relationships, as well as on our formal and informal systems of social care. How are we ‘doing’ family life and practicing intimacies during lockdown? What are the consequence on our intergenerational relations – with the youngest and oldest – and how are we protecting those most vulnerable? And what effect has physical distancing had on our connections to strangers, to community life, to civil society and the environment around us? As we all navigate the early days of the pandemic, the Centre for Research on Families and Relationships welcomes blog submissions issues from academics and practitioners working within the field of families and relationships. How has the pandemic affected your families, relationships, the community in which you live and work? What are the challenges you have faced so far, and what are your expectations – good and bad – for the future? Submissions can include, but are not limited to, topics such as caring and intimacy, intergenerational relationships, bodies and emotions, social connections, loneliness, work-life balance, inequality & exclusion, and the environment, as well as reflections on the long-term effects of the coronavirus on service delivery, funding and practice. … Read More